The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond: Bruce Gilson

The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond

Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond
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While Bruce Gilson analyzes and emphasizes the properties, formulas, and applications of the generalized Fibonacci sequence in The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond, he also covers other sequences (such as the Lucas sequence and geometric sequences) and addresses the relationships between them. He anticipates that readers will recognize “beautiful” patterns in the mathematical computations presented in his book.

Just the first two paragraphs of the Preface supply biographical information on Fibonacci; the vast majority of the remainder of the book contains examples, explanations, and analyses of sequences and formulas. While they seem comprehensible and well-written, the readers who will gain the most from this book are those who are familiar with (and love) algebra.





About Bruce Gilson

Retired Maryland computer programmer Bruce Gilson studied and earned a Ph. D. degree in theoretical chemistry, but worked for over thirty years as a programmer and data analyst, instead, mostly on projects related to the space program.

He has written books on both applied and recreational mathematics. In addition to The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond, Gilson authored Polyhedra – A New Approach and Construction of Musical Scales.

Gilson, Bruce R. The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2009
ISBN-10: 9781449974114
ISBN-13: 978-1449974114

About the author

Shelley Allen is a writer, editor, poet, and mother of four. She is the author of Master Fibonacci: The Man Who Changed Math. Allen holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Master’s Degree in Secondary Education from Southern Methodist University. A former teacher and bookstore owner, Allen is a bibliophile with broad literary interests. She works professionally as a freelance writer from her home in Dallas, Texas. Her website is

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