Mark Yusko

SIC 2019: Day 4 Recap

The fourth day of SIC 2019 featured a rapid fire presentation from Mark Yusko, who is bullish bitcoin, bullish commodities, bullish emerging markets, and bearish US equities. Bill White presented his concerns about the next crisis and the ability of central banks to manage it. Carmen Reinhart believes there will be a slowdown but not...
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John Burns

SIC 2019: Day 3 Recap

The third day of SIC 2019 featured a magnificent presentation from Grant Williams covering his bearish views of the Australian housing market and the economy at-large, the bearish macro views of Felix Zulauf, geopolitical opinions from George Friedman, a focus on (housing) demographics from a panel of real estate experts and (political) demographics from the...
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SIC 2019

SIC 2019: Day 2 Recap

The second day of SIC 2019 featured a range of opinions on the markets from extremely bearish (David Rosenberg) to modestly bullish (Doubline's) Jeffrey Sherman. Specific trade recommendation included long treasuries (Rosenberg) and long-dated US bonds (Lacy Hunt). Louis Gave and Jeffrey Sherman were both bearish the dollar, with the former concerned about inflation and...
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Liz Ann Sonders

SIC 2019: Day 1 Recap

The opening night of SIC2019 featured only one guest: Charles Schwab's Chief Investment Strategist, Liz Ann Sonders. Here are my notes from her conversation with Mauldin Economics Editor Ed D'Agostino.
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Niall Ferguson

SIC 2019: Live Updates this Week

This week I will be attending John Mauldin's SIC 2019 in Dallas. This will be my sixth year attending, and the conference never fails to disappoint. I will be live tweeting via my Twitter account, @FibLines, so be sure to follow. I will also post a daily recap on this site.
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