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[VIDEO] Bitcoin Price – This is the Only Chart that Matters

In this video, I analyze the Bitcoin chart. Opinions on bitcoin tend to be very polarized. In this video I try to take a balanced view and simply look at the long term chart and where price is trending. I overlay this chart with Fibonacci and Elliott Wave analysis to arrive at the conclusion that...
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Bitcoin Going Parabolic Once Again?

As of the writing of this post, bitcoin is now at $13,750. I see no technical areas of resistance anywhere on the chart at this point. This is now a parabolic advance with a high rate of change on the Y axis (price) over a small window of time on the X axis.
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$BTC: Straight Up or Pull Back?

The recent thrust has brought out the bulls once again, and while the overbought conditions on the RSI are bullish over the medium to long term, in the short term I think the price is a little stretched. The 50 day moving average is also presently around the $5800 level, which further increases the probability...
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Bitcoin Chart

$BTC Bitcoin Waking Up and Breaking Out

Since the peak in late 2017, Bitcoin has seen an epic collapse and a significant shift in sentiment. The price chart as been stuck in a descending triangle for the last 15 months, unable to breach the downward trendline - until today. It's early, and we could see a retest of the trendline before any...
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