JC Parets: All Star Charts

JC Parets

JC Parets: All Star Charts

Company All Star Charts
Website & Podcast AllStarCharts.com
Twitter @AllStarCharts
StockTwits @AllStarCharts
YouTube Channel
Publication Frequency Daily (All Star Options), Monthly (Premium)
Method Email, Video
Conference Chart Summit

I first learned about JC Parets and his company, All Star Charts, through a friend I originally met at Dave Floyd’s Trader’s Roundtable. What I find compelling about JC’s research is its simplicity, accuracy, top down approach, and pervasive use of fibonacci, which is fundamental to my own process. JC’s presentation style and high energy delivery are a hallmark of his and well-known throughout the trading world. His affinity for Optuma software made me a convert and an ambassador myself (it’s great!).

What I like about his service

I find the All Star Options service best suited to my trading style, as the Premium service, while comprehensive, thematic, and foundational for trend traders, is a bit broader in scope. All Star Options is more actionable with its specific trade recommendations. JC works with team member and options expert Sean McLaughlin and features generally 1-3 trades per week, along with a monthly conference call to review executed trades and future trade ideas. Since options trading and the Greek system is a science unto itself, I appreciate Sean’s pedagogical approach to explaining the “why” behind the options math nearly as much as the “what” behind the technical entry.

Jon Bloom, who runs the Institutional service, and analyst Tom Bruni, CMT, round out the team.

Chart Summit

Chart Summit has to be one of the most unique conferences in the industry. Sponsored by All Star Charts and Brian Shannon’s Alpha Trends, Chart Summit is part retreat, part seminar. The 2019 Summit, located in Breckenridge, Colorado, featured skiing and snowboarding in the morning, lectures in the afternoon, and drinks and dinner at night. With a smallish group of less than 60 attendees, in a informal setting, in a remote location, with outdoor, small group activities, the experience reminded me of summer camp or college orientation. Everyone made fast friends, and the line between speakers and attendees was so blurred it was impossible to tell the difference. Just a wonderful event, and highly recommended. (And JC and Brian price the event at less than $300 to make it affordable with the travel.) Check it out!

About JC Parets, CMT

JC Parets if a former Division I baseball pitcher, and graduated with a degree in Finance from Fairfield University. After working in Manhattan for several years, JC founded All Star Charts in 2010 and is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT). In the past nine years, his work has been featured on Bloomberg, ABC, Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, Yahoo Finance, Barron’s, CNN and Canada’s Business News Network, among other media outlets. He is a frequent interview guest on platforms like RealVision and a regular television contributor, and he runs a popular podcast called Technical Analysis Radio.

About the author

I am the founder of fibonacci.com and an avid trader. I am also the co-founder of Texas Precious Metals, a top US precious metals company. In 2006 I was a contestant on The Apprentice with future president, Donald Trump. I live in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, with my wife and six children, where I spend my time hiking, charting, and changing diapers.

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