Happy Fibonacci Day! 11/23

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How Will You Celebrate?

Today, November 23rd (11/23), is international Fibonacci Day, the day of the year comprised of the first four numbers of the fibonacci sequence. It is a day to recognize the beauty and wonder of mathematics in nature, biology, art, music, trading, and many other aspects of our lives. The world is filled with incredible complexity and order, and it governed by the rules of math. The fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and other fibonacci ratios are pervasive in the natural world.

To celebrate, I am starting the tradition of eating rabbit on Fibonacci day and drinking red wine from Pisa!

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I am the founder of fibonacci.com and an avid trader. I am also the co-founder of Texas Precious Metals, a top US precious metals company. In 2006 I was a contestant on The Apprentice with future president, Donald Trump. I live in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, with my wife and five children, where I spend my time hiking, charting, and changing diapers.

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