General Fibonacci Books


The Golden Ratio: Gary Meisner

Judge The Golden Ratio by its cover. With this book, you will have done so rightly, for the book’s interior perfectly delivers what the stunning exterior promises: extraordinarily beautiful illustrations, interesting analysis, and entertaining instruction.
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Zero: Charles Seife

Joy Hulme’s Wild Fibonacci: Nature's Secret Code Revealed is delightfully different from other books on the subject because Hulme does not merely describe animals’ body parts and shapes which resemble the Fibonacci Spiral, she focuses upon teaching the reader about how these specifically shaped body parts are helpful for ensuring the animals’ survival.
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A Mathematical History of the Golden Number: Herz-Fischler

In A Mathematical History of the Golden Number, Roger Herz-Fischler traces the historical development of the Golden Number, also known as the divine proportion, or Division in Extreme and Mean Ratio, DEMR.
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Finding Fibonacci: Keith Devlin

Dr. Keith Devlin is a 21st-century mathematician whose career treads a pathway parallel to that of the 13th-century mathematical genius, Master Leonardo Bigollo de Pisa, known as Fibonacci.
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The Man of Numbers: Keith Devlin

Adopting the same whimsical manner as Leonardo Pisano himself, Dr. Keith Devlin numbers his chapters in The Man of Numbers: Fibonacci's Arithmetic Revolution beginning with 0 rather than 1. Thus, with this unexpected yet unobtrusive twist in composition (perhaps not even be noticed by some readers), Devlin introduces us to Leonardo Pisano, the humble mathematician...
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The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers: Alfred S. Posamentier

Alfred S. Posamentier and Ingmar Lehmann are enamored with the beauty of The Fabulous Fibonacci Numbers and they hope their readers will be also when they discover how powerful and relevant they are.
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The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond: Bruce Gilson

While Bruce Gilson analyzes and emphasizes the properties, formulas, and applications of the generalized Fibonacci sequence in The Fibonacci Sequence and Beyond, he also covers other sequences (such as the Lucas sequence and geometric sequences) and addresses the relationships between them.
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The Golden Ratio: Mario Livio

Joseph D’Agnese portrays young Leonardo as a boy who daydreams about numbers; he also happens to be a genius, but he has humility, for he introduces himself with the nickname that is presumably what others may have cruelly called him.
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Liber Abaci: Translated by Laurence Sigler

Written in Latin, Leonardo of Pisano’s Liber Abaci (Book of Calculation) (1228) was inaccessible to most people for nearly 800 years, until 2002, when American mathematics professor Laurence Sigler translated Baldassarre Boncompagni’s Latin edition, Scritti di Leonardo Pisano, Vol. 1 (Rome, 1857). Sigler’s Translation into Modern English of Leonardo Pisano’s Book of Calculation provides the...
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