US Real Estate Prices

Is Real Estate Getting Cheaper?

In the chart above, I analyze mortgage payments as a function of interest rates and loan size. Much has been written about the increases in home price over the past two decades, as the average home in America has nearly doubled (+88%) from $165,000 to $311,000 (orange line).
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Long term S&P 500

S&P500 to 4500+?

The month of November was a significant expression of bullishness in the markets, as the S&P500 knifed through the 261.8% Fibonacci extension with a strong monthly candle close to new all-time highs. Taking a longer term view, the technical tailwind appears to be supporting a run to 4500+ to the 461.8% extension – nearly 50%...
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[VIDEO] S&P500 Chart Update, Nov 19, 2019

In this video, I analyze the S&P500 chart, which is now meeting up with 20-year long term resistance and the upper bound of its year long channel, but is also breaking out above the 261.8% Fibonacci extension from the 2007 peak to the 2009 bottom in equities.
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Now Available: Fibonacci Webinar

If you missed the free Fibonacci Webinar last Sunday, October 13th, 2019 with my friends at Trendspider, a link to the recording is here.
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Free Fibonacci Webinar: Sunday, October 13th, 6pm EST

Anyone interested in learning more about applying Fibonacci levels in technical trading, please join me this Sunday, October 13th, 2019 at 6pm EST for a webinar with my friends at Trendspider. A link to the webinar is here.
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$PAAS Pan American Silver Looking to Break Through

One of the disappointments in silver's recent move higher has been the lack of follow through from mining stocks, with Pan American Silver being a premier example. This past week has seen Pan American attempting to close that gap.
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$BTC: Straight Up or Pull Back?

The recent thrust has brought out the bulls once again, and while the overbought conditions on the RSI are bullish over the medium to long term, in the short term I think the price is a little stretched. The 50 day moving average is also presently around the $5800 level, which further increases the probability...
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UPDATE: $IWM Russell 2000 Gaps Down Through Support Levels

Today, the Russell gapped down *again* and this time blew through all support. The market is choppy, and without any clear sense of trend, I would be very hesitant to take a bullish or a bearish stance. Better to wait it out and let the market choose the direction.
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IWM 5-09-19

$IWM Russell 2000 Resting on Heavy Support

Today, IWM gapped down at the open right at 155.52, and pin-pricked swiftly and deeply right through all three levels of support - an alignment of the 50-day moving average, 200-day moving average, and 61.8% Fibonacci retracement - before recovering and closing green on the day (see chart at the very top). The price action...
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1999 Returns

Rhyming Like Its 1999?

As the S&P500 and Dow Jones press up against all-time highs, market prognosticators are split on whether we should expect a melt down or melt up in equity prices. In a recent interview on RealVision, Kevin Muir of The Macro Tourist and Tony Greer of TGMacro discuss the current market environment and delve into MMT...
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