Lumber Futures

Lumber Futures Testing Key Area of Support

The precipitous decline in lumber prices from the 2018 peak presaged the huge decline in equities in the fourth quarter, while the subsequent rebound also foreshadowed the rebound in equities at the beginning of this year. Therefore, it is understandable why lumber's fall year-to-date has many concerned that equities, which have consistently lagged lumber prices,...
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SP500 Divided by Copper

S&P500 vs. Copper Ratio Breaking Out

The S&P500 is trading at all-time highs relative to commodities. The commodities sector is therefore an attractive area to investigate for relative value and the potential for outperformance versus equities. In my research, the most compelling chart is the ratio of the S&P 500 to copper (a.k.a "Doctor Copper").
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Platinum Pushing Up Against Resistance at $917; Breakout or Breakdown?

The recent $100 move in the Platinum price from the beginning of March has brought out the bulls on social media. Platinum futures tipped right above the $921 level, got swiftly rejected, and rebounded to close today around $911.
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Crude Oil

$CL Crude Oil Remains Bullish, but Expect a Pullback

Followers on Twitter know that I have been bullish oil since the breakthrough at the 38.2% Fib retracement and the formation of an inverse head and shoulders pattern.
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