Fibonacci Traders

JC Parets

JC Parets: All Star Charts

I first learned about JC Parets and his company, All Star Charts, through a friend I originally met at Dave Floyd's Trader's Roundtable. What I find compelling about JC's research is its simplicity, accuracy, top down approach, and pervasive use of fibonacci, which is fundamental to my own process.
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Greg Weldon

Greg Weldon: Weldon Financial

Greg Weldon uses fibonacci, elliott wave, stochastics, moving averages, custom oscillators and an array of other technical tools in his analysis. He supports these technical conclusions with deep dives on fundamental data that range from oil and gas inventories, mining output, consumer behavior, changes in credit, Fed reports, and even South American weather patterns and their...
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Dave Floyd

Dave Floyd: Aspen Trading

While more of a swing trader than a day trader, Floyd is nevertheless very precise with his trading entries and exits, his timely alerts (via text and email), and his targets and stop-losses. While other trading approaches take a more thematic approach to market positions and operate with a wider margin of error, Floyd is...
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