May 13, 2019
Liz Ann Sonders

SIC 2019: Day 1 Recap

The opening night of SIC2019 featured only one guest: Charles Schwab's Chief Investment Strategist, Liz Ann Sonders. Here are my notes from her conversation with Mauldin Economics Editor Ed D'Agostino.
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Niall Ferguson

SIC 2019: Live Updates this Week

This week I will be attending John Mauldin's SIC 2019 in Dallas. This will be my sixth year attending, and the conference never fails to disappoint. I will be live tweeting via my Twitter account, @FibLines, so be sure to follow. I will also post a daily recap on this site.
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UPDATE: $IWM Russell 2000 Gaps Down Through Support Levels

Today, the Russell gapped down *again* and this time blew through all support. The market is choppy, and without any clear sense of trend, I would be very hesitant to take a bullish or a bearish stance. Better to wait it out and let the market choose the direction.
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