March 21, 2019

Fibonacci Zoo: Tom Robinson

Tom Robinson’s Fibonacci Zoo picture book quaintly explains how the Fibonacci zoo is different from most; in addition to the usual interesting zoo animals, the pattern of the quantities of them comprise the Fibonacci number sequence. Robinson succeeds in teaching young audiences about the mathematical concept in such a way that it invites them to...
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A Mathematical History of the Golden Number: Herz-Fischler

In A Mathematical History of the Golden Number, Roger Herz-Fischler traces the historical development of the Golden Number, also known as the divine proportion, or Division in Extreme and Mean Ratio, DEMR.
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An Introduction to Applying Fibonacci Ratios In Technical Analysis (Free Download)

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Master Fibonacci: The Man Who Changed Math

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Paperback: 128 pages
Author: Shelley Allen, M.A.Ed.
Publisher: Fibonacci Inc.; 1st edition (2019)
Language: English